As a fitness professional, do you ever wish it was easier to market yourself online?
As a fitness professional, do you ever wish it was easier to attract clients online?
Stop Being Confused By Tech-Talk And Online Marketing And Discover An Easier Way To Get Clients Online...
US$47 per month. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime. 
"The training area is a gold mine... I’m so glad I’m in your program and coming across all this valuable information. You’re Amazing! Thank you Jaimee for creating this amazing space for us - 
to learn, grow and DO!" Ikaika Gilman - Hawaii
"I'm really enjoying all the modules so far and learning lots! I am starting to feel less over-whelmed each step of the way" 
Di Shepherd - Sydney
"Jaimee, I love your members area... Amazing. I could actually spend all day in there which is a bit dangerous at the moment but it's such a good resource " Loudy Wiggins - Melbourne
"Jaimee, this is why I love you and love this group so much... 
Thank You" 
Laura Detmar - San Diego
An Inside Look Into What's Happening Inside 
Our Private Members Only Group...
You Can Be The Best Fitness Coach In The World BUT…
If You Struggle To Get Clients, Your Business Won’t Last.
Stop Being Confused By Tech-Talk And Online Marketing 

Discover An Easier Way To Get Clients Online.

Don't Be Overwhelmed
Online marketing can be so overwhelming. You have so many different options and so little time to get everything done. The last thing you can afford to do is waste time on something that doesn't get results. We're going to take away this overwhelm and show you a proven strategy that works.  

Marketing Made Easy
As a fitness professional, you're not trained in marketing. Therefore it can be really daunting knowing how to market yourself and put yourself out there. You know where you want to go, you just don't have the knowledge you need to get there. I'm going to give you that knowledge. 

The "Tech Stuff" Explained
This is where most fitness professionals get stuck, and stay stuck. Do you ever get frustrated with the tech side of things online? The truth is, the "tech stuff" doesn't need to be complicated. I'm going to guide you every step of the way so this doesn't hold you back anymore. 
It's Going To Be You and Me
I'm going to be with you every step of the way to help you get real results. Need help with YOUR marketing?  Want feedback on YOUR campaign? Then Get the support you need to make your marketing strategy a success and become a member of our exclusive members only group.

From our very first correspondence I knew that I wanted to work with Jaimee. My fitness business was going well and I was capped for PT appointments, but I knew that in order to grow without taking time away from my family something needed to be done.  I was initially skeptical about going online, but Jaimee has been the catalyst in changing my thought process and my ideas have developed so naturally. It makes perfect sense and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time!  I am usually a jack of all trades - my business is my baby and I work damn hard - once I met Jaimee, it was time to relinquish some of that control and learn from the best
Her work ethic matches mine and she goes above and beyond in trying to help me achieve my goals and dreams for my business. Her knowledge is incredible and I could listen to her talk about marketing and business all day long. Her approach is thorough and structured and I know Jaimee will be my "go to person" for a very long time to come.  
I would definitely recommend The Fitness Entourage to anyone who's looking to expand their fitness business further than they ever dreamt possible!
Loudy Wiggins - Four Time Olympian, Olympic Medallist, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Founder of LW Fitness
 (Plus she's an incredibly cool client of ours)
Melbourne, Australia
                          It's now clear that...
You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Online Marketing 
If You Want To Survive in The Fitness Industry
You've got the skills, knowledge, passion and you're down right determined to make a real difference to people's lives. 

You're tired of seeing the thousands of websites, Facebook pages, Instagram feeds where 
people are giving inaccurate advice and are promoting quick fixes that are irresponsible and unsustainable. 

So why are there so many people flocking to these people?

Because they're out there online and they're taking advantage of the incredible power of the Internet.  

Right now, if you don’t have an online sales funnel that’s automatically generating new leads and developing client relationships, you’re going to be left behind…

FACT: You can be an awesome fitness coach, nutrition expert, or go-to exercise guru 
but if you can’t get clients in the door, no one is going to see your expertise.  

You’ve got to be out there—visible, available, and present for people to see, talk and hear about. 

If you want to make it in this business, you need a strong online marketing presence.

This doesn't just mean a basic blog, it doesn't mean occasionally uploading videos to Facebook. That isn't going to cut it.

I bet, you feel a little overwhelmed and confused about where to start, or how to take things to the next level?

Don't worry. I'm about to show you how to do it.

Right now, you DON'T have to understand all of the terms, ideas, and concepts that you’re going to learn. 

For example;

You're Going To Need a Lead Magnet. 

If you don't know what that is, I'll explain it to you.

Opt-In Page? Sure, you'll need that too and I'll show you how to create it.

Sales Funnel? You don’t even need to know what this means yet or how it works.

I'm going to break down all of the components you need to build a successful online marketing presence, 
that will help you attract more clients. 

Together, we're going to build your 
new lead generation funnel to get more clients
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You won't find a better online resource for your fitness business...
It's only US$47 a month. (Limited time offer)
No contracts. Cancel Anytime. 
Our Exclusive Membership Area Is Designed To Help You Get Real Results
Ready To Make That Happen? Awesome. Here’s How It Works:

We've Built This Membership Area to Help You Understand The 
Most Important and Powerful Marketing Strategy You Need to
Take Your Business to The Next Level
We structured it in a way that you can choose which area you need help with. 

Whether it's websites, landing pages, lead generation, video marketing, outsourcing or any other 
online marketing strategy, we've developed the training to help you step by step. 

If You Fail to Plan you Plan to Fail, So we're going to help you develop that plan and then implement it 

 "A Dream Written Down With a Date Becomes a Goal. 

A Goal Broken Down Into Steps Becomes a Plan. 

A Plan Backed by Action Makes Your Dreams Come True."
Here's a sneak peak into some of the pages and systems we've helped our 
clients and members create -and we will show you how to make one just like it!
Michael King - Health Coach, NSW Australia
Working with Jaimee is simply a no-brainer – she’s the best online marketer and web designer I have come across. It feels like I have been looking for someone like Jaimee for years, someone who just “gets it” and someone who I can totally trust.
The traffic to my website and my business in general has quadrupled and I’m now charging ten times the amount for my services since working with Jaimee. By following her marketing advice it has allowed me to turn my passion and hobby into a profitable business. Now clients are starting to come to me without me even leaving my lounge room! I cannot speak highly enough of Jaimee and the work she does, all I know is that I am glad that I met her!
Online Marketing Is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle. 
It can seem confusing and it's easy to get overwhelmed by its complexity. Truth is, there is no way to build a puzzle 
with only one or two pieces, and if you’re missing a piece, the puzzle will not come together correctly. 
So together, we're going to help you put together all of the pieces to the 'online marketing' puzzle.

Start Now...
You won't find a better online marketing resource for your fitness business...
It's only US$47 a month. (Limited time offer)
No contracts. Cancel Anytime. 
Jaimee and I have worked extensively in creating a content marketing strategy for my company, and have created my first Ebook to go out to prospective clients. In just 5 days, I have had just under 1,000 new sign-ups and 4,500 new website views. I know that this is only the beginning, and I am so excited to see what the future holds. I have learned a ton from Jaimee over the past few months. I wouldn't consider myself super tech-savvy and was a bit worried about all of the online marketing that I knew we would need to tackle, but with everything that Jaimee has taught me and continues to teach and explain to me, things have been a breeze! I am so grateful! I would recommend Jaimee and The Fitness Entourage to any fitness professional/business owner. 
Felicia Gelman - Personal Trainer, Pennsylvania USA
It's time to take your fitness business to the next level, 
we're going to help you do just that...
Here are the training modules you're going to get access to as soon as you sign up to our members area
 Build Your Own Website
Almost every Successful Fitness Business has a website. Do you? Is it getting you clients? You'll learn step by step how to build your own Wordpress website or blog to help you get new clients.
 Video Marketing
Online video is essential to standing out from your competitors. I’m going to show you what equipment to use, how to write your video scripts and how to create great videos on a budget.
 Lead Generating Machine
Wish you could have a never ending funnel of leads into your fitness business? I’ll show you how to build a lead generating machine to get more clients. Never worry about where your next client is going to come from.  
How To Get More Traffic
Want to know how to rank in the search engines, like Google? I'll show you how to optimise your website to help you rank in the search engines. The higher you rank, the more visitors you get!
Make More, Live More, Work Less 
Do you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done? It’s time to outsource. I’m going to show you where to hire people and how you can hire top quality talent at an incredibly low rate. 
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is one of the BEST and most cost effective ways to build your business. You just have to follow a proven strategy and put it in action. I’m going to show you how to do it.
Need help with YOUR marketing? Have questions? Want feedback?
You'll Get Exactly That When You Join Our Members Area
Monthly Online Q&A Workshops

I'm dedicated to helping you to stay focused on the things that matter. I want to help you to push past any roadblocks and I want to answer your questions to help you build your business. 

You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered, brainstorm ideas and dissolve any roadblocks holding you back. Whether you need feedback on an idea, need advice on an advertisement, you can ask any questions and I'll answer them. 

Done With You Marketing

As a busy fitness professional in such a fast changing world, speed of implementation is everything. A lot of people get held up by a lack of implementation, technological challenges and other obstacles and I don’t want that to happen to you. So, I'm going to show you what to do and where to go to get help if you need it. 

My team and I know what works, and we know how to convert visitors into leads and leads into clients and we're going to show you how to create a professionally designed marketing presence. 

Accountability To Achieve Your Goals

Countless studies have shown that accountability is one of the key ingredients to success. If you are being held accountable by someone, you are much more likely to achieve your goals.

I'll help to keep you accountable to ensure you keep achieving your goals and making progress every week. You are not alone in this game, I am with you every step of the way.

Bonus: Join Our Members Only Group
We want to help you with YOUR marketing. We want to answer your 
questions and we want you to have a place where you can get 
feedback on what you're working on. 

In this group you can get advice and give advice and network with other fitness professionals. A lot of people get stuck when they hit a technical issue online, or they just don't know what to do next and they want a response to their question. This won't happen anymore. You get direct access to me and my team and you can ask any question you like in our private members only group. 
This exclusive group is an opportunity you do not want to pass up. 
It's like having your own marketing department 

Loudy Wiggins
Four Time Olympian, Dual Olympic Medalist, 
Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist  &
Founder of Loudy Wiggins Fitness
Nathan Jones
Les Mills Master Trainer, 
International Fitness Presenter &
Director of Nathan Jones Fitness
Alicia Johnson - Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Melbourne, Australia
Jaimee has been incredible to work with - her team is efficient and responsive and her 
knowledge of both marketing and the fitness industry is awesome.
I first saw Jaimee and The Fitness Entourage on Facebook and I decided to purchase their Facebook training package, which paid for itself almost instantly! I was blown away by the quality of her training videos and so excited that I could start to implement things on my Facebook page immediately and get results. The coaching I have received from Jaimee so far has helped me to move forward faster in the past few months than I have all year! I am getting more leads to my website and more enquiries on my Facebook page every week and in one case, after following Jaimee's strategies, one Facebook ad generated 15x the $ amount I invested in the ad.
I would recommend Jaimee to any fitness professional who needs support with online marketing. Jaimee will be able to help you reach more people, faster, in a way that is authentic to you and your health and fitness message.
Hi, I’m Jaimee Maree
As a former elite athlete turned successful entrepreneur I know the dedication, skills and knowledge it takes to get results. After working and speaking with the industries top fitness professionals, I realised that Fitness Institutes and Colleges were failing to equip students with real world knowledge of how to market themselves and build a successful business.

So, with my experience and passion for health and fitness I now spend my time teaching fitness professionals like you, the skills they need to get results, how to successfully grow their client base and build their business online.

Now, I want to teach you how to do the same.
Frequently Asked Questions

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You won't find a better online resource for your fitness business...
It's only US$47 a month. (Limited time offer)
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